The following prices are instructional. You can see the final prices when you search on the desired departure or you can check the price under “prices” of the chosen cities. All prices is for one-way tickets.

*Students have to present a legitimate student card with picture and expirations date or a legitimate “ungdomskort”. Children between 12 and 15 years old have to show their national health service medical card or an alternative ID if demanded. If you have lost your student card, you can present a confirmation of enrolment together with a picture ID card. Respectively to the ministry of transportation’s laws no other form of ID card is valid.

** When using a senior ticket it is required to show a picture ID card, such as passport, driver’s license or a valid senior-card.

*** Two children below 12 years old is included with each Adult ticket on domestic routes.

**** There can be adjunct on big travel days for extra baggage.



300 DKR


80 DKR


225 DKR


80 DKR

Child 12-15år

150 DKR


20 DKR

Child 0- 11 år

150 DKR

Side-by-side Seats

10 DKR


225 DKR

Extra luggage (eg stroller)

80 DKR

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